Shortening the distance between product concept and launch

Aeturnum has developed an approach proven to accelerate the time from product concept to launch for technology companies – delivering a minimum viable product (MVP) in as little as 3-6 months. 

Reducing Cost
40 - 50%

We combine our team’s deep technical expertise with an innovative accelerator platform made up of reusable, standards-based, functional modules which cover the common business services every app needs. With our team providing the technical know-how and innovation – and the platform providing the technology foundation, including the hooks and flexibility to design and develop features quickly – we can reduce your development costs by as much as 40-50%. Plus, all of the accelerator platform modules used in your product become a part of your overall IP.

Use of the platform is entirely optional. We use it only where it makes sense for you – and when it can accelerate your development effort in a meaningful way. 

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Shortening the distance between concept and launch.
Here's how:


Test hypotheses, define business goals, testing hypotheses and assistance with technology portion of investor pitch


Software tool & technology selection, build vs. buy, integration & component architecture and security


Iterative test driven development with 2 week sprints allows us to deliver new features with speed and efficiency.


Manual user interface and component level testing, positive & negative testing, test automation including integration tests, load testing & simulations


Using Agile methodology to deploy and maintain systems, we leverage state of the art tools and automation to ensure new software can be deployed quickly and seamlessly.

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