Shortening the distance between
product concept and launch

Athiva is a rich suite of pre-built business-functional software modules that dramatically accelerate go to market for most technology initiatives. We customize these modules to meet our startup customer’s specific requirement, as opposed to building everything from the ground up. Realizing a feature-rich, flexibly designed product, quickly and cost efficiently. In most cases, the savings are upwards of 40% in terms of time & costs. These modules are license-free and given to our customers as a part of our overall development services.

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How does Athiva work?

Freeing startups from the redundant anarchy of technology reinvention...

Reinventing the wheel literally means wasting a great deal of time or effort in creating something that already exists. And that is precisely why we invested our experience and expertise in pre-building features & services that are commonplace to most startups. For instance - User Management, Account Management, Administration Portal, Social Connectors, Payments, Rules Engine, Encryption, Commerce, CRM, Mobile Apps, POS Connectors, Reporting and much more.

Engineered on agile-driven processes to accelerate go-to-market

Easily customizable to a startups unique needs

Scalable, tested, proven and easy to maintain

Short development cycles. Start viewing working versions of your product in as little as 2 weeks

Quantum savings in time and costs. 40-50% in most cases

Built with industry standard non-proprietary technologies i.e. no hidden licenses or gotchas

Flexibly architected to add new features, quickly

You own all the underlying Athiva modules (code included) as a part of your IP

Proudly bring a product to market, quickly and cost efficiently
System Tools


Easily customizable to realize feature-rich business functional modules, quickly and cost efficiently. Built on an open technology stack, superbly suited for cloud-based platforms.

  • System Tools
  • API’s/SDK’s
  • Social
  • Communication
  • Commerce
  • Analytics
  • Provides symmetric encryption-decryption of data (includes key derivation support for passphrase); strong password hashing and comparison; with flexible key strengths.
  • Our deployment best practices that support continuous integration.
  • Allows business users to create forms which can be filled in by end users. Includes connectivity to NoSQL database
  • Allows jobs to be scheduled (including recurring jobs)
  • Allows jobs to be created and managed
  • For common location-based use cases including targeting & over-the-air beacons
  • Create roles with specific permissions and allocate users to these roles.
  • Access Management can define, grant and apply permission for an authenticated user through Attribute Based Access Control. Roles can be setup to govern access to app/web features (endpoints and UI components) and comes with convenient spring-java security components for runtime resolution of rights.
  • For business users, includes flexible security policies
  • A customizable, extensible portal for business users
  • Simplifies feature additions to Android apps; pre-wired into web APIs.
  • Simplifies feature additions to iOS apps; pre-wired into web APIs
  • Expose platform features through a RESTful API that can be used by web sites, client devices and third party platforms
  • Send Push Notications to opted in users.
  • Connectors to popular email platforms.
  • Send Push Notifications to opted in users.
  • Replicate your mobile shopping experience on Facebook Messenger and other chat platforms
  • Flexible catalogs/menus, shopping cart and a streamlined checkout process that can be integrated with ecommerce, POS systems and 3rd party payment gateways.
  • Allows us to build and integrate payment connectors with minimal turnaround and certification time
  • Offer a subset of your mobile and chatbot shopping experience on Amazon’s Alexa
  • Reporting on user, account, transactional, system activity and other custom parameters
  • Combining demographic, spatial, temporal and other information types.
  • Event-driven, created by business users. Supports Boolean operators including nesting
Building CX Workout on Athiva is taking literally months out of the development cycle. Athiva delivers all of the benefits of agile development but with the advantage of a platform of reusable elements.
Joe Wheeler, Founder of CX workout
Aeturnum’s Athiva platform cut our development time and costs by more than half and provided us with a solid and flexible technology foundation that will enable us to fully capitalize on the business opportunity going forward. opportunity going forward.
Ann Raider, CEO of INSTREAM

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