ClearSaleing leverages a comprehensive development solution for its business intelligence and web analytics, augmented to serve new needs by Aeturnum.


ClearSaleing (now known as eBay Enterprise Attribution) required quick delivery of feature enhancements to fulfill new core user requirements, improve the user experience, and enable greater transparency for customers. ClearSaleing envisioned how their existing portal would display, function and increase the value of their services, and sought a development partner with expertise in design implementation, analytics, data maintenance, error detection and reporting.

This solution required a strong engineering foundation with enterprise-class capabilities. The company also wanted to ensure superior maintenance of its existing business intelligence solution to facilitate better decision-making within its own organization.


How We Helped

The Aeturnum team employed HTML, Silverlight, and SQL Server 2005-based technologies as the core foundation technology to support the enterprise demands of the system. Other technologies included ASP.NET 1.1, JavaScript, Telerik controls, and Component Art WebUI & WebChart for improved testing and maintenance of the existing system, along with a sophisticated set of new UI elements for improved usability.


Enhanced User Experience:

New UI elements improve usability, reducing the need for formal training programs.


Integrated Online Marketing Platform:

Customers are able to utilize the service faster, with the enhanced flexibility to serve each user’s unique requirements.


Data Integrity:

Data extraction helps maintain consistency and assure accurate information resources.


Business Intelligence Solution:

Superior maintenance for the existing Business Intelligence solution supports better decision-making within the organization.


Advanced Reporting Systems:

New, comprehensive reporting functionality offers better insight to users. The Aeturnum team also developed enhancements to manage the client’s internal reporting processes by integrating drill-down, charts and graphical features to the existing solution.


Dynamic Configuration:

Configurable filing capabilities for data files were enabled for dynamic support.

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