Aeturnum helped CX Workout document, refine, and build their entire platform using Athiva.


There are many shortcomings to the qualitative research and customer feedback received through traditional methods such as focus groups and third-party panels. These approaches require long lead times and significant investment. CX Workout envisioned a product that would break down these barriers and allow customer experience professionals to conduct qualitative research quickly, easily and cost-effectively.


How We Helped

The solution developed for CX Workout confers the following benefits:


Using Athiva helped CX Workout eliminate months from the development timeline, moving from concept to launch in six months.


The robust architecture means CX Workout can scale as more customers come on board and increase usage.


The technology stack allows CX Workout to reduce operational costs by up to 50% compared to alternatives.


Selecting Aeturnum as a technology partner meant that CX Workout was able to focus on its core expertise and thought leadership in customer experience measurement and improvement.

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