Incentivio is a cloud based, mobile-first marketing platform that allows retailers, brands and restaurants to create highly personalized relationships with their customers. 


Mobile has become a critical channel for customer engagement – especially for retailers, brands and restaurants. Its impact cannot be ignored:

For Retailers and Brands

For Restaurants

Incentivio had an idea to help retailers, brands and restaurants meet this emerging need. It envisioned a mobile engagement platform that would allow businesses to attract new customers and create highly personalized relationships with existing customers. It wanted a “self-service” platform that equipped users to manage mobile marketing and loyalty campaigns on their own, behind the scenes, while keeping their brand and offerings front and center with their customers. The concept made sense to everyone Incentivio shared it with, but it needed technology resources and expertise to realize the vision.

How We Helped

Aeturnum leveraged its experience with the latest native mobile apps, location services and wireless connectivity in combination with its Athiva accelerator platform to help take Incentivio from product concept to market in just six months. The engagement included:


Requirements gathering – conducting a deep dive into key foundational product requirements and use cases.


Architecture and design – defining high-level architecture and best-fit technology stacks decisions assessed key technological requirements.


Product roadmapping – laying out a strategic plan for product build including budgets, key development milestones, and go-to-market timelines


Product build – leveraging our Athiva Accelerator Platform, we eliminated the need to develop common services or integrate disparate business services to form a common interoperable services layer – saving significant cycle time.

Today, the Incentivio platform is helping retailers, brands and restaurants:

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