inStream was able to seize market opportunity and take its new 1 to 1 Ads™ ad management platform to market in just months.


inStream saw an opportunity to help retailers and advertisers enhance customers’ in-store experience while building loyalty with behaviorally and demographically-targeted ads and promotions at the point of sale. If inStream could execute on its strategy, it could improve retailer and advertiser partnerships while expanding brand presence outside normal channels, resulting in new revenue streams for retailers.


How We Helped

Aeturnum’s accelerator platform Athiva provided the features and functionality inStream was looking for, allowing it to cut time and costs while leveraging best practices.


Development time was cut by over 50%, enabling inStream to get to market in just four months without compromising any features in the solution.


Development costs were halved as compared to a bottom-up development effort.


Critical savings were achieved in opportunity cost by preventing a delay in time to market.


The inStream Ad Management solution is built on a solid architectural platform which is adaptable and scalable—well-positioned to support the company’s growth.


Athiva enabled inStream to focus precious time and resources on its core expertise and invest more in sales, marketing and new feature development.

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