SEEN allows brands to engage with followers through its comprehensive visual marketing platform, leading a new generation of visual influencer marketing and social data analytics.


SEEN campaigns enable marketers to build, execute and manage hashtag-driven campaigns on both Instagram and Twitter. They are also able to run highly engaging visual content campaigns both with current followers and future customers. SEEN also incorporates a visual influencer network and influencer management platform. This network addresses the growing need for brands to partner with social influencers and engage their fans authentically.

Additionally, SEEN’s Insights function provides advanced analytics and reporting on who, what, and why a given audience is sharing visual content about the brand. By aggregating content and data from consumer visual networks like Instagram and Twitter, Insights enables marketers to identify groundbreaking discoveries.

How We Helped

The following steps were taken to update and improve functionality across SEEN’s platform:


Introduced a well-structured source code management mechanism into the project using existing Git repository.


Configured Amazon Web Services to improve security, reduce overall costs, and enable automatic scalability.


Created scripts so that application deployments could be completed seamlessly with reduced user involvement.


Introduced batch processes for the enormous amount of data received from Twitter and Instagram. Batch processes were separated from the core application and moved to an independent server, resulting in performance improvements in user-facing applications and public API.


Improved browser compatibility, migrated the applications to the latest version of Grails, and refactored the code to improve stability and efficiency.


Revamped the UI for a more user-friendly experience, while improving the integration with Twitter and Instagram.

Work With Us