About Aeturnum

What is Aeturnum's focus?
Aeturnum is focused on helping tech companies accelerate time-to-market and significantly reduce their development costs.

Most entrepreneurs and early-stage tech companies engaged in application development spend precious time and capital developing common business functionality, services and logic. This slows time to market and stifles efforts to innovate and differentiate their software products. In addition, they add the risks and costs associated with hiring and managing new development team members, architecting, designing and developing their solution and licensing different software components.

We also bring this same “start-up” thinking to product development teams within larger organizations that need to move fast to get a new product to market or pivot with an existing product.

There are several case studies available here on the site to give you a better idea of the types of clients we work with.
What type of services does Aeturnum offer?
Aeturnum offers custom design & development services to tech or tech-enabled companies. Where applicable, we also leverage and customize the modules of our innovative accelerator platform called Athiva, to quickly provide certain key business services or features that are invariably needed by almost all SaaS platform. For instance - User Management, Account Management, Mobile Apps, Payments, Social Connectors, Rules Engine & Targeting. In doing so, we accelerate time-to-market for our customers at an unparalleled cost efficiency. In some cases as much as 40-50%. As opposed to them cobbling the right technical team and skills and then build everything from scratch.

We also offer CTO services as needed, on a temporary basis.

About Athiva

What exactly is Athiva?
Leveraging our extensive start-up and technology experience, we developed and refined a comprehensive accelerator platform - called Athiva - that provides ready-to-use and highly customizable business application services commonly used in business software products. It is highly modular and built on industry-standard technologies such as Java, Spring, Tomcat and AngularJS. It is built on a non-proprietary technology stack that is easy to maintain.
Is Athiva used on every client project?
No. We use Athiva selectively – depending on each client’s specific needs and where it makes sense. If we do use Athiva, individual modules can be quickly customized to a client’s needs. We also custom develop from scratch as needed.
Who owns the Athiva modules?
The client. Our services are performed on a work-for-hire basis, so everything we build (including Athiva modules and source code) is fully owned by the client.
How much does it cost?
It's free. Aeturnum’s services are delivered on a work-for-hire basis. You pay for development and customization. There are no additional or hidden costs for Athiva.
Do I need to hire my own team?
No – we become your team and get your product to market within the budget & specified time period. If you already have a team then that's great - we will work with them to complement their efforts.
Maintenance and Support?
There are no support fees for Athiva. Aeturnum does offer support and maintenance for any solution we build. Fees are project-specific.
Who are your customers? What do they use Athiva for? What’s been their success rate?
Athiva is used primarily by Angel and VC-funded companies, but we also work with teams in larger organizations that need to get a new or re-worked project to market quickly.

Some examples of the types of applications we’ve built using Athiva include:
  • Mobile marketing, payment and loyalty systems
  • Subscriber management systems
  • Payment & settlement systems
  • Digital marketing & ad management systems
  • Advertising analytics and attribution systems
  • Municipal services portals
  • Qualitative research platforms
  • Social media analytics
There are several case studies available here on the site to give you a better idea of the types of projects we work on.
What accelerator modules are available in Athiva?
You can view all the current modules on the Athiva web page.
Our engineers are continually developing new modules and functionalities that are added to the Athiva platform. So, if a project requires additional features and functions, chances are we have most of the building blocks.
Is Athiva flexible enough to build solutions or products for different industry verticals?
Yes – the platform is very horizontal and provides features and functionalities that are common to most software applications and products.
Who are the people behind Athiva?
Geeks and Super Geeks – folks who have built enterprise applications and business solutions for startups and VC-funded companies as well as Fortune 500 companies. You can learn more about our company on this web page.

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