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What Makes Great Employees?

Company’s Sports Club is a necessity, not a luxury

As a company, do you know the full potential of your employees other than the attitude they show in completing the work they are assigned with? A desk job only promotes a restricted set of skills in a person. An individual’s full capacity is untested and unseen in their routine day to day duties at work. An engineer might be a good team leader. A good manager may have the skill set for innovation and creativity. A QA engineer might have never known that she’s a good strategist. A company sports club is a great way to bring employees together and to unveil their hidden potential and to encourage their personal development.

Why is it a necessity?

From early childhood, individuals grow unique skill sets. Be it in sports, arts, scholarly or music. But it builds character in a person. However, with the stress issues experienced in modern culture, as we get older, individuals are forced to focus more on academic life and then on building a professional career to basically sustain and grow in life.

Thus unintentionally hiding skills that may well support their growth, professionally and individually. Life of an IT sector employee is mostly considered as a desk job and it is this nature which identifies the IT industry as the “nerd sector”.

There are many benefits that you will get by taking part in activities organized by your sports club. Most importantly, you’ll feel superior about yourself when you see & feel that you’re not cooped-up in work and that you have a healthier life. You will be able to take great pride in maintaining that successful work-life balance that everyone nowadays is looking to achieve.

As an employer, you play a vital role in the personal development of your employees. You are responsible to improve their existing skills and to help them to recognize hidden potential and previously unidentified talents. A company’s sports club is an entity of the company, which can promote unity and social skills of the employees and enhance the public image of the organization.

What does a sports club do?

A sports club’s primary goal should be to bring people together outside work to engage in group activities. It should smooth the way for employees to socialize with not only each other but also with the society. A sports club must encourage employees to participate in sports and group events. It should organize events, which prevents employees from always being confined to their work cubicles.

A sports club can create a comfortable and a playful environment inside the workplace. A successful suggestion for the initial stage is introducing a recreation area having indoor games such as carom, chess, foosball tables or table tennis tables into the work environment. Taking a break to set your mind off by playing a friendly game that will help employees to relieve stress and be more productive at work.

cricketThe company’s sports club can take corporate memberships with a local sports center, which includes facilities such as a gym, swimming pool, squash, badminton, tennis courts etc. There may be employees who would have been previously engaged in these activities during their school times and they may motivate others who have the interest to try it out. Thus setting an ideal platform for strong relationships outside work.

The sports club can annually organize an internal sports meet and conduct inter-house events every other month to engage employees to have fun and to spark spirit of sportsmanship within themselves. It is essential to keep employees healthy, energetic, competitive, focused and most importantly happy throughout the year by organizing sports events such as cricket, badminton, carom, online gaming tournaments, basketball, football and other popular sports.

A sports club is not just about sports itself. It can also be a CSR project of the company as it takes on responsibilities to improve an individual’s character and social responsibility. Sports club members can be encouraged to take part in organizing charity events, which will give employees a sense of accomplishment and empathy towards the community. The club should also promote the artistic temperament of its members. It should persuade those who can sing and play musical instruments to entertain the audiences at parties and functions within the company. Organizing talent shows through the sports club is another great way of discovering their wonderful hidden talents and to showcase their true passion.

Anyone would like a bit of unwinding and a break from work. By taking short breaks between long hours of stressful work can refresh the mind and help the employee to focus much better on their tasks. So, Sports club can provide just what they want by taking the initiative in organizing annual or bi-annual parties such as Peduru parties, Karaoke nights, Christmas parties and Year-end parties. A well-appointed sports club committee will organize any event in style

A sports club can brighten a workplace mood on seasonal occasions by celebrating festivities like Christmas, Halloween, Vesak and New Year. At Christmas, employees can be invited to take part in decorating the office interior to bring about the festive feeling. A choir made up of employees singing Christmas Carols brings out the spirit of joy and happiness and the festive decorations would add glamor to the Christmas party. The Secret Santa tradition can bring employees closer together as well. Vesak lantern competitions can be introduced to produce a bit of competitive and creative spirit between the employees as well as to celebrate the religious occasion. Charity activities like organizing a Vesak Dansal can bring a lot of joy to employees at a small cost.

What’s in it runnerfor the company?

As discussed above, a sports club isn’t merely a society to push employees to engage in sports. It can be extended to serve a broader purpose within the company. A sports club can organize CSR and charity events which may well boost the overall reputation of the company. It will also promote a sense of generosity and unity within the employees.

A sports club can be considered as a corporate tool, which encourages an employee’s teamwork skills, leadership skills, creativity, innovation, morale and sense of accomplishment. All companies envision top quality and productive employees in their workforce. Personal development of an employee doesn’t occur on its own without the required thrust.

Furthermore, engaging in group events and taking part in general company events will improve an employee’s sense of belongingness to the company. He will feel the assurance that he’s part of a great team and will be more proactive and productive towards his day to day work routine.

Taking part in sports club initiatives will empower employees. Working in a sports club committee will enrich an individual’s leadership, organizing and people skills. Thus improving soft skills, which unless could not be achieved through typical day to day vocation.

What’s in it for the employee?

You might be an individual who was actively engaged in sports, who lost your enthusiasm due to the mundane routine of day to day work. Activities organized by the sports club will help you to get into the game once more and add variety to your life. A Sports club is a good opportunity for people who want to try sports but never had the chance during the past. Although many people’s lifestyles have changed with new commitments and work, you can still engage in group activities through your company’s sports club. You’ll also be able to socialize with people quite easily.

Grass-hockeyIn most large organizations, there may be situations where two colleagues of the same department even have never communicated. Taking part in sports club events will help you to get to know and communicate with your colleagues in a non-work related environment and grow strong outside-work interactions.

Most importantly, you’ll feel healthier and relaxed. Most desk workers suffer from illnesses such as diabetes, cholesterol, joint pains etc. If you are not victims of those tiresome conditions already, participating in sports will help you to avoid them. And if you are a victim already, sports will help you to alleviate your situation.

There are many benefits that you will get by taking part in activities organized by your sports club. It’s a feeling which can’t be expressed but can only be felt inside when you have acquired a good sportsman spirit or volunteered for a charity program which would change someone’s life for better. You’ll feel fulfilled about yourself when you see & feel that you’re not cooped-up in work and that you have a healthier life. You will be able to take great pride in maintaining that successful work-life balance that everyone nowadays is looking to achieve.

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