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We are a team of product-thinkers, architects and software engineers that has been building products for technology startups since 2001. With a balanced mix of experience, expertise and pre-built technology acceleration modules, we build high quality enterprise grade products quickly and cost efficiently. Through proven processes, close collaboration and rapid development iteration cycles, we achieve go-to-market in 3-6 months for most of our customers. We deliver predictable outcomes, from inception to acquisition.

And our customers love that - Mobeewave (acquired by Apple), Paydiant (acquired by PayPal), Akorri Networks (acquired by NetApp), ClearSaleing (acquired by ebay), 41st Parameter (acquired by Experian), Edocs (acquired by Oracle) and many others…

Entrepreneur with a great business idea?

Startup trying to get a viable product to market fast?

Looking to accelerate your development initiatives?

Aeturnum at a glance

Experience. Expertise. Acceleration.

Startups need predictable outcomes, on-time and within budget...Here is how we achieve that

Align product development roadmap with business objectives

Focus on achieving MVP (Minimum Viable Product), quickly and cost efficiently

Iterate quickly and get working software into your hands

Shorten development cycles, achieve key milestones

Collaboratively manage cash burn

Architect the product such that new features can be added easily

Proactively communicate and address risks

Provide CTO-level help and guidance, until you hire your own CTO

Deploy the right team - Balanced mix of talent, experience and technology

The Aeturnum team was our go-to development partner from the founding of the company. They helped architect important parts of our solution, developed early concepts, and played a strategic role in our engineering efforts. In addition to a wealth of technical expertise, the team brought tremendous creativity, original thinking and a can-do spirit that was an essential part of our success.

Kevin Laracey, CO-FOUNDER and CEO of PAYDIANT (acquired by PAYPAL)
Building CX Workout on Athiva is taking literally months out of the development cycle. Athiva delivers all of the benefits of agile development but with the advantage of a platform of reusable elements.
Joe Wheeler, Founder of CX workout
Aeturnum’s Athiva platform cut our development time and costs by more than half and provided us with a solid and flexible technology foundation that will enable us to fully capitalize on the business opportunity going forward. opportunity going forward.
Ann Raider, CEO of INSTREAM
Working with Aeturnum has been highly rewarding. We have been impressed by the quality of their mobile development work, their flexibility and professionalism, and the speed with which they have been able to deliver a high-quality product that is helping us achieve our mission.
Aretha Delight Davis, MD, JD, EXEC. DIR., ACP DECISIONS
As a fast-growing startup, we have to innovate and deliver at a rapid-pace without compromising quality and deliverables. Aeturnum has been a key part of our team in achieving all of this from day one. Their experience and processes for building tech for startups has been invaluable.
Brian Zuercher, CEO, SEEN
Aeturnum played a key role in helping us bring our product vision to market quickly and efficiently. Their team has deep technological and domain expertise and has added value every step of the way.

The first money raised by a startup is precious - every dollar matters. After an exhaustive search, we used Rajat's firm, Aeturnum, to build our first-generation product platform. We got massive leverage from their accelerator packs and cross-border operating model. Rajat and his team were also great business partners who took an interest in our vision and goals. We are very happy with Aeturnum's contributions to our earliest codebase.

Jay Grayson, CEO and Co-Founder, Surround Insurance

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